London Fires (1666)

London fires of 1666 (Great FIre of London)

Everybody had thought St. Paul's Cathedral a safe refuge, with its thick stone walls and natural firebreak in the form of a wide empty surrounding plaza. It had been crammed full of rescued goods and its crypt filled with the tightly packed stocks of the printers and booksellers in adjoining Paternoster Row. However, the building was covered in wooden scaffolding, undergoing piecemeal restoration by Christopher Wren. The scaffolding caught fire on Tuesday night. Within half an hour, the lead roof was melting, and the books and papers in the crypt were burning. The cathedral was quickly a ruin.

Black Wednesday - Shorting the pound

Black Wednesday (16th September, 1992)


Pompeii, Italy was a romanian city which was frozen in time in AD 79 due to eruption of Mount Vesuvius. City is mostly buried in ash, but some parts excavated show the city and roman life

It has a old amphitheatre there -- recovered from the ashes - AD 79 se

1971: Pink Floyd performed and recorded 6 song album in that theatre - no audience

2016: David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) performed after 45 years to that amphitheatre to perform a live concert. (One of their besttt concerts)

That event ^ is first in the amphitheatre to feature an audience since AD 79

Data on the internet and Avatar movie

In 2006, the amount of data on the Internet was approximately 166 exabytes (166EB). In 2010, that number reached nearly 1,000 exabytes. An exabyte is one quintillion bytes, or 1.1 million terabytes.

The movie Avatar required 1PB storage space, or the equivalent of a single MP3 song—if that MP3 were 32 years long (source:]